Maestro 80-2 tunnel gas fireplace

Maestro 80-2 tunnel gas fireplace


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Maestro 80-2 tunnel Gas fireplace

This Maestro 80-2 tunnelGas fireplace is manufactured by the famous fireplace producer, Dru Fires in Netherlands. The heat output in this gas fireplace varies depending on the gas type installed. For this Dru Fire Maestro 80-2 tunnel it has following output G20: 1,4-9 | G25: 1,3-8,6 | G31: 1,3-7,7 kW. This gas fire can be included in any interior design. Whether it is in a private home, a fancy restaurant/café or the modern business office, Maestro 80-2 tunnel fireplace for gas can make a beautiful contribution in any environment. This Gas fireplace is equipped with Dynamic burner which suits very well for this Maestro 80-2 tunnel fireplace. The heat effect can be controlled in levels. Dru Fire operates with 15 levels, which can be controlled via remote control or mobile app.

Maestro 80-2 tunnel gas fire is available in Black. It is produced in the dimensions H: 75 x W: 76 x D: 39,6 cm and weigh is 100 kg.. Steel and ceramic glass is the primary material the fireplace is made of - beyond the electrical part.

  • Requires ordinary power output
  • Dynamic burner
  • Maestro 80-2 tunnel gas fireplace can be controlled via remote or smartphone
  • Can be converted to biogas in the future.
  • Includes overheating sensor
  • Very autentic flame

This Maestro 80-2 tunnel Gas fireplace need to be installed with a gas fireplace flue system. This installation has to be done by an authorized professional.