3,5L burner produced in stainless steel. Expected burning time of up to 5 hours. Dimensions: H: 8 x W: 60 x D: 16 cm

Long 3,5 Litres Bioethanol Burner (W: 60 cm)

Item number: BIO324

Premium 3,5 liter burner for bio fireplaces made in stainless steel. Perfect for DIY biofireplace projects. Burn time 5 hours

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Manual Bio Ethanol Burner – Width 60 cm.

If you are planning to build your own bio ethanol fireplace or maybe transform an old ordinary wood-burning fireplace into a modern bio fireplace, this stainless steel burner is an obvious choice.

This ethanol burner is a manual model, which means that no electricity or other special installation is required for it to operate.

You turn on the fireplace with a lighter and put it out by smothering the fire. Furthermore it’s also possible to adjust the flame size on this ethanol burner.

This model of bio ethanol burners is available in sizes from 45 cm. and up to 180 cm. in width.

Are you building your own bio ethanol fireplace, you should only use non-combustible materials and keep a safety distance to flammable objects.

You can read more about choice of materials and safety distances here.

You will find a detailed installation and user manual for the ethanol burner here.