Impressive and breathtaking fireplace for larger rooms, hotels or offices.

Huge biofireplace for wall-mounting

Item number: BIO-10-039

Huge biofireplace for wall-mounting with 6 x 1 liter burners. Expected burn time of 5 hours. Size. H: 70 x W: 210 x D: 21 cm.

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Huge, steel wall fireplace with 6 x 1 L burner and glass plate

Our largest wall-mounted bio fireplace is a majestic addition into any large room which can host such a bioethanol fire. The 6 x 1 liter burners ensures beautiful flame that provides this bioethanol fire with a magical prowess because of it's large design.

Note: This biofire weighs 83(!) kg, this is why you have to be sure that your wall can handle the weight of this bioethanol fireplace.

  • Mounting brackets included
  • Safety glass included
  • 6 x 1 L burner included
  • Extinguishing tool 
  • No electricity required 
  • Easy and quick to instal

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