How to extinguish a possible fire caused by a bio fireplace?

We all know that the fuel for a bioethanol fireplace is made of ethanol and in case of a fire from a leaking biofireplace do NOT use water to extinguish the fire.

But how do we turn extinguish a fire?

If you are unlucky and a fire is caused by bioethanol, you have to extinguish it as you would extinguish an oil, paraffin and petrol fire. Trying to extinguish the fire with water will just result in intensifying the fire and worsen it.

The best way to extinguish the fire would be to use some kind of chemical fire extinguisher, whose unique chemicals allow extinguishing alcoholic liquids. If you do not have access to an chemical fire extinguisher, the best way to put out the flame is to smother it by using a blanket, cloth or other thick fabric, which is something we have at hand in most homes.

Covering the flames with a thick fabric will limit access of oxygen of extinguish the fire – and of course it is better to act as soon as one sees the fire!


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