How do I transform a traditional fireplace into a bioethanol fireplace?

How do I transform a traditional fireplace into a bioethanol fireplace? We receive many consults from customers that wish to transform their old fireplace into a modern and elegant bio fireplace. Many people consider it a bad investment to transform a traditional fireplace into a bio fireplace, due to the little heat that the bio fireplace produces. Sometimes it can be even half than the one a traditional fireplace produces. But normally, there are more factors that affect this decision. In most of the cases, it is when the chimney is not working and therefore the traditional fireplace is no longer an option, that the option to transform it into a bio fireplace comes to be ideal.


 What do I need to make my new bio fireplace?

That’s it. Additional things like ceramic wood and pebbles can be bought, but isn’t necessary.

The burner must be placed in the base of the old fireplace. It will be from there that the flames will appear. The size of the burner is in principal irrelevant, but it is recommended to find a size that would fit in your fireplace.

Bioethanol must be used instead of wood. Bioethanol is the fuel and it might remind you of some other kind of alcohol or cleaning product, but they are not exchangeable. Once you fill up the burner with bioethanol, your new bio fireplace is ready to burn.

It is fully recommendable to invest in a long lighter, since it will make the whole process safer and more confortable. It could happen that the burner was placed where you do not have a good access, in which case a long lighter will make your work easier.

To cheer up your fireplace and make it look for realistic, like in the old times, we recommend purchasing some ceramic wood. It looks very realistic and in contact with the flames it gets glowing red, which gives the effect of a real wood fireplace. The ceramic wood does not burn, which means that you only need to buy it once and enjoy it for at least a whole winter. 

If the fireplace has a frontal glass, it might be beneficial to take it out. The idea is that without it, the effect of the fire will be higher and you will feel its warmth better. Another possibility is to put more burners so that you would have a bigger fire; this is because fireplaces are ready to deal with very high temperatures so it can deal with a lot of fire. 

We have a great variety of burners; rectangular, round and square shaped. If you decide to carry on with this transformation, you can find everything you need in our shop. Buy your bioethanol burner here