How do I clean my biofireplace?

One of the questions we often get is - How do I clean my bioethanol fireplace – and whether it is necessary to clean it? 

A biofireplace is actually very easy to maintain and does not require much cleaning. (Even though it is often used). A bio fireplace does not soot, if you buy high quality bioethanol. This means that the maintenance requirements fall significantly. There may be some black soot on the backboard of the fireplace, if the fire comes too close to it.  Therefore, we recommend that you wipe the back plate with a damp cloth every now and then to keep it nice and neat.

If you want to keep your biofireplace clean, looking great and inviting, we recommend doing the following:

  • Keep it clean and neat around the fireplace
  • Polish the fireplace with glass cleaner from time to time
  • Ensure that it is clean around the burning chamber
  • In case of soot stains, use a damp cloth to remove them

If you follow the above steps you ensure a nice and clean bioethanol fireplace and by keeping it clean you lower any risk of a fire hazard and extend the lifespan of you biofireplace.


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