How do I change my ordinary fireplace into a bioethanol fireplace?

We receive many inquiries from customers who want to make their old stove or fireplace usable as a bio fireplace, because it is not used for one reason or another. Rebuilding your old fireplace into a bioethanol fireplace is really simple and you only need a few things to perform the transition.

To build a bio fireplace you need the following:

  • Bioethanol burner
  • Bioethanol
  • A long lighter is recommended
  • Decoration, wood or stones, if preferred

The bioethanol burner is places in the bottom of you old fireplace. If possible it is highly recommended to immerse the burner into bottom of the existing fireplace. It is from here that the flames appear when burning bioethanol. The size of the burner in principle is irrelevant, but it is recommended that you select a container that is appropriate to the size of your fireplace. 

Bioethanol is used as a substitute for wood. The bioethanol is filled into the burner and your new biofireplace is now ready to be used.

It is recommended to invest in a long lighter, because the burner will often be places at a height or a distance, where it may be unsafe to use a regular lighter. Therefore we recommend using a long lighter, when igniting one of our bio fireplaces. 

If you want, you can choose to add some decoration to the biofireplace to make it look more like a traditional fireplace. The most commonly, people add either ceramic wood or ceramic stones. The ceramic timber doesn’t burn, but adds a more realistic feel to the fireplace, by glowing red hot when placed into the fire. 

That is all you need to rebuild an old hearthstone fireplace, or the like, into a modern bioethanol fireplace. If you have any questions regarding the rebuilding of an old fireplace into a bioethanol fireplace, you are always welcome to contact our customer support.


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