Grate with 2,5L bioethanol burner and ceramic wood

Grate with 2,5 liter burner and ceramic wood

Item number: BIO-20-303

Freestanding bioethanol grate with a burner and ceramic wood. Especially designed to be used in a traditional open fireplace.

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Freestanding bioethanol fireplace grate with decoration wood and a burner

Here you get a freestanding bioethanol fireplace grate, which easily can transform your old traditional fireplace into a modern bioethanol fireplace, while retaining the cosy atmosphere of fire and heat. 

As with other bioethanol fireplaces, then this fireplace do not need any chimney and will therefore be the perfect solution, if the chimney for your fireplace is closed.


The including burner has a capacity on 2,5 liter and provides up to 7,5 burning hours. It is not recommended to fill more bioethanol in the burner as planned to use. Since the bioethanol over time will evaporate, when it is filled on the fireplace. 

The burner is manuel, which means, that the burner dont need a power connection. Further the burner is turned on with a lighter and is turned off by moving a metal plate fast over the flames. 

The size of the flames can also be adjusted to extend the burning hours, use of bioethanol and heat. 


The freestanding bioethanol fireplace grate does not need any installation. Upon receipt, the various parts are unpacked and put together. 

The 6 pieces of including decoration wood is placed on the top of the grate. But make sure, that they dont cover the opening of the burner.

Just place the bioethanol fireplace on the wanted place and then it's ready for use.