Contemporary, white steel bioethanol fireplace. The 1L  burner provides up to 4 hours of burning time.

Goya White Wall-mounted Fire

Ruby Fires

Item number: BIO-60-109

Goya is a wall-mounted bio fires with a metal skeleton and an interchangeable frame of various colours.

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White wall-mounted fireplace

Ruby Fires Goya is a revolutionary wall-mounted bio-ethanol fireplace from Ruby Fires. Goya is a wall-mounted fireplace made out of a steel skeleton, but have an interchangeable frame, that you can switch out if pleased.

This specific product includes a white Goya frame.

The burner inside Goya, is the reliable Ceramic Burner 4114B from Ruby Fires, which gives up to 4 hours of burn time per filling of bio-ethanol.

  • 1.0L ceramic burner included
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Safety glass included

Ruby Fires Goya can be mounted on any type of wall, because of it's mounting frame and heat isolating backplate.

Find the Goya with Grey Concrete Look frame here.

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