Create a glowing effect in you biofire

Glow flame fiber for bio fire

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Glow Flame

Innovative material to be usedboth in gas and bioethanol fireplaces. Its purpose is to make a fireplace evenmore breathtaking. New material is fully safe and environmentally friendlysince it does not consist of any harmful substances. One box of Glow Flameincludes 1 gram of ready to use fiber which is thinner than human hair’sdiameter. It is resistant to high temperatures and can be used up to 300 hours.


First of all, take the fiberout of the package and spill them unevenly on an area close to A4-sized paper. Individualsections of the material mix with each other in such a way that the clods willnot appear. Fiber net shouldn’t be too thick because it will decrease the flameflow through the material. After you do that, put the Glow Flame in thefireplace. To highlight the anneal effect, put earlier prepared fiber theclosest to the burning chamber it is possible. Considering the weight of thefiber it is important not to use it when there is a risk of gusts of air. However,when it happens that the fiber is being blown from the fireplace there is norisk of an unpredicted fire thanks to the material of which is it made thatimmediately gives off heat. Glow Flame can be used with other decorative itemsas pebbles or logs.


Remember to take the fiber offthe fireplace before you extinguish it since it can cause the bioethanol igniteagain.