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Global is a budget-friendly line of products from the Dutch gas fireplace manufacturer DRU.

The Global lineup shares a lot of the same features as the high-end gas fireplaces from DRU but at a more consumer-friendly price.

The large selection of Global by DRU fireplaces makes it possible for you to find a built-in gas fireplace that suits your needs.

NOTE: Be aware that gas fireplaces for indoor use must be connected to a flue-system and must be installed by certified professionals. Laws regarding the installation of gas fireplaces can vary, therefore you should always check the local rules.

Global by DRU gas fires

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Great Choices of Global Fires Gas Fireplace

A Global Fires fireplace for gas includes everything, that a rational fireplace or heatsource may include. Do you need a nice and functional gas fireplace, which both can create heat and a cozy atmosphere, then Global Fires is a great choice. They have an extremely beautiful design, as easy can fit into every modern house. The basic functions in a gas fireplace is all the included such as adjustment, remote control as well as flexible integration and installation. It is first when it comes to SmartPhone and tablet integration or, for example, specific and luxurious options, that Global Fires don't suffice.

Global Fires is an economic solution with all the necessary functionalities.

Linear Burner

Linear burner
The line burner is the most common in the Global Fires series. As the name suggests, the flames appear as one long line. A classic burner in a gas fireplace. 

Global Truflame Burner

Dru truflame burner
The Truflame burner is specially produced to Global Fires and kan be compared to the dynamic burner from Dru. The difference is that the flames can only appear from the front in this one, whereas the dynamic has flames both in front and behind the tree. 

Vario Zig-zag Burner

Vario zig zag burner
The zigzag burner brings life to your gas fireplace as the flames is spread around in a zigzag pattern. Global Fires describes the burner as a vario, and it is integrated into Global 40 CF and Beau CF.