Freestanding Water Vapour Fireplaces

Get the amazing water vapour effect in an easy moveable package that does not require any installation. On this page, you can find our selection of free-standing Opti-Myst water vapour fireplaces.

Choose between different designs; wheater you like the traditional hearth fireplace design or a more modern take on fireplace design, you can find it below.

The free-standing Opti-Myst fireplaces require no installation and do only need to be plugged into an electric outlet to function.

Free-standing opti-myst water vapour fireplace

Products - Freestanding Water Vapour Fireplaces

Water fire Verdi in white

Verdi Hybrid Fireplace in White

Price: £1.499
Items number: HYB-10-012

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Water fireplace Moorefield in cream colour

Moorefield Hybrid Fireplace, Creme-coloured

Price: £1.199
Items number: HYB-10-014

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Insert Silverton for water fireplace

Silverton Hybrid Fireplace insert for Open Fireplace

Price: £798
Items number: HYB-10-017

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Beethoven Glow Fire Hybrid Fireplace

Glow Fire Beethoven

Price: £1.698
Items number: HYB-50-101

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Kästner freestanding fireplace with Opti-Myst water vapor flames


Price: £1.698
Items number: HYB-50-102

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Hauptmann Glow Fire


Price: £1.698
Items number: HYB-50-103

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Lessing Glow Fire


Price: £1.998
Items number: HYB-50-104

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Lessing Opti-Myst water vapour fireplace from Glow Fire

Lessing With Brick

Price: £2.298
Items number: HYB-50-105

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Schiller Opti-Myst Glow Fire


Price: £1.998
Items number: HYB-50-106

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White Mozart hybrid fireplace


Price: £1.998
Items number: HYB-50-107

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Juneay opti-myst fireplace electric

Juneau Hybrid Fireplace insert for an Open Fireplace

Price: £1.169
Items number: HYB-10-029

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Juneau XL water damp insert fireplace from Dimplex

Juneau XL Hybrid Fireplace insert for Open Fireplace

Price: £1.669
Items number: HYB-10-030

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What is an Opti-Myst Vapour Fireplace?

An Opti-Myst Vapour Fireplace is powered by water and electricity. The name "hybrid" comes from how the fireplace is powered - water and electricity. These fireplaces are often referred to as water fireplace, vapour fireplace, Opti-Myst or Mystic Fire. 

You can get an authentic and beautiful flame created with water vapour and a light source which create a wonderful flame play all together. 

Water Fireplace for your Home Without a Chimney

The flames fascinate us and we are many who would love to have a fireplace at home. However, it is not always possible if we do not have a chimney in our home. Traditional wood burning stoves also pollute. So in contrast to this, the solution has been invented - amazing, modern, eco-friendly water vapour fire. Create a flame effect in your home without the risk of burning and without an excessive heat. Our water vapour electric fires are available with and without a heater so they can also produce heat if desired. And, they do not require the chimney - they simply needs to be installed!

How does a Vapour Fireplace Work?

Most vapour fireplaces feature the generous Opti-Myst technology, patented by Faber, who has been a dominant player in the water fireplace industry for years. This technology is a combination of light and small water drops to create the beautiful flames. According to this theory, vapour electric fires have a separate water tank built in from which water droplets are produced via a transducer. This process occurs when small bulbs of either halogen or LED heat the air which pushes the drops up. These are reflected in the light which creates the inspiring flame effect.