Large Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplaces for the Floor

Here you can find our large selection of bioethanol fireplaces - a range of attractive models and designs to place directly on the floor. Most of our freestanding bio fires can also be used outdoors.

If you would like to have more information, or you have any doubts, you are more than welcome to contact us and we will happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our freestanding biofires provide warmth and ambience while still being movable. You can therefore bring the atmosphere outside on a lovely night, or take it inside and enjoy the relaxing flames with a blanket and a book.

Freestanding bioethanol fireplace

Products - Freestanding Bioethanol Fires

Type of burner
Three-sided freestanding bio ethanol fireplace in white featuring up to 7,5 hours of burning.

White Powder Coated Steel Biofireplace

Price: £1.109
Items number: BIO-20-216

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3-sidet bio fireplace in black

Black 3-Sided Bio Fireplace in Powder Coated Steel

Price: £1.109
Items number: BIO-20-216 Black

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Black Room Divider Bio Fireplace

Tall Black Room Divider Bioethanol Fireplace

Price: £1.229
Items number: BIO-20-216-T-B

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Inviting, grand bio fireplace with glass panels and 3,5L burner. Perfect for larger living areas.

White Floor Biofireplace

Price: £739
Items number: BIO-20-213

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White one sided white ethanol fireplace 4L

Standing 1-Sided Bio Fireplace in White

Price: £859
Items number: BIO-20-234b

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Freestanding black bio fireplace

Standing Bio Fireplace in Black

Price: £739
Items number: BIO-20-213 Black

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Black 1-sided bio fireplace 3,5L

Standing 1-Sided Bio Fireplace in Black

Price: £859
Items number: BIO-20-234bk

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Elegant and high standing fireplace in white with three glass panels. Featuring a 1,5L burner.

Open Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplace

Price: £679
Items number: BIO-20-230

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Freestanding bio fireplace opened on three sides making flames more visible.

Open Freestanding Bio Fireplace - Black

Price: £679
Items number: BIO-20-274

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Cocoon Pedestal bio fireplace in black

Cocoon Pedestal - Matte Black with Steel Pedestal

Price: £2.389
Items number: BIO-70-103

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Cocoon Pedestal in black with black base

Cocoon Pedestal Black With a Black Base

Price: £2.389
Items number: BIO-70-117

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Cocoon Pedestal bio fire in steel

Cocoon Pedestal - Polished Steel with Steel Pedestal

Price: £3.219
Items number: BIO-70-104

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Cocoon Terra in black

Cocoon Terra - Matte Black with Steel Legs

Price: £2.269
Items number: BIO-70-105

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Cocoon Terra fire in polished steel

Cocoon Terra - Polished Steel with Steel Legs

Price: £2.879
Items number: BIO-70-106

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Xaralyn Ambiance Freestanding Fireplace

Ambiance Freestanding Fireplace

Price: £2.339
Items number: BIO-60-112

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Ambiance Surround - A tall white fireplace from the manufakturer Xaralyn

Ambiance Surround Fireplace

Price: £2.339
Items number: BIO-60-118

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Large, elegant bio ethanol fireplace with a 4 L burner, provides up to 6,5 burning hours.

Designer Floor Bioethanol Fireplace

Price: £1.109
Items number: BIO-20-234

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Three-sided free standing bio ethanol fireplace with a 4 L burner providing a long burn time.

Three-sided Standing Bioethanol Fireplace

Price: £1.349
Items number: BIO-20-255

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Foco Akustik room divider

Foco Akustik Room Divider Stående

Price: £3.079
Items number: BIO-30-255

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Freestanding bio fireplace in steel and white, with an elegant glass panel on top.

Elegant Bioethanol Fireplace

Price: £429
Items number: BIO-20-245

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Free standing bio fireplace designed as a tower with a glass protecting it against the wind.

Elegant Bio Fireplace with Glass

Price: £429
Items number: BIO-20-273

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Xaralyn Lasize see-through free standing fireplace - concrete look

Lasize Freestanding Fireplace - Concrete Look

Price: £1.169
Items number: BIO-60-111C

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Xaralyn Lasize see-through free standing fireplace - White

Lasize Freestanding Fireplace - White

Price: £1.169
Items number: BIO-60-111W

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Beautiful, white, upright fireplace in white. 5 liters burner. Dimensions: 35 x 130 x 35 cm.

Standing White Bioethanol Fireplace

Price: £1.229
Items number: BIO-20-214

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Berlin - Freestanding bio fireplace

Berlin - Bio Fireplace for Floor

Price: £459
Items number: BIO-80-053

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Freestanding bio ethanol burner with glass panels. A 0,5 L burner provides up to 6h burning.

Standing Burner with Glass Plates

Price: £489
Items number: BIO-20-254

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Standing bio fireplace in steel and glass featuring a 1,5 L burner that provides 3h of burning.

Stainless Steel Bio-Fireplace

Price: £429
Items number: BIO-20-201

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Mantel Bioethanol fireplace of steel

Mantell Bio Fireplace

Price: £59
Items number: BIO130

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White bio ethanol fire in teardrop design with two glass panels. Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 25cm.

Teardrop Bioethanol Fireplace

Price: £619
Items number: BIO-20-252

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Innovative, floor standing bio fireplace with glass panels perfect for a patio or garden.

Table with integrated Bioethanol Burner

Price: £679
Items number: BIO-20-253

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Safretti Curva ST - Black, free-standing bio fire

Safretti Curva ST - Black

Price: £1.459
Items number: BIO-60-203

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Safretti Curva ST - White, free-standing bio fireplace

Safretti Curva ST - White

Price: £1.459
Items number: BIO-60-204

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Safretti Curva XL - Black

Safretti Curva XL - Black

Price: £1.529
Items number: BIO-60-205

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Safretti Curva XL - White free-standing bio fire

Safretti Curva XL - White

Price: £1.529
Items number: BIO-60-206

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Safretti Curva XT - Black

Safretti Curva XT - Black

Price: £1.599
Items number: BIO-60-207

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Safretti Curva XT - White, two-sided, freestanding bio fire

Safretti Curva XT - White

Price: £1.589
Items number: BIO-60-208

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Safretti Curva DT - Black free standing bio fire

Safretti Curva DT - Black

Price: £1.899
Items number: BIO-60-211

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Safretti Curva DT white, free standing bio fireplace

Safretti Curva DT - White

Price: £1.899
Items number: BIO-60-212

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Safretti Cubico XL - brushed stainless steel

Safretti Cubico XL - Brushed Stainless Steel

Price: £1.839
Items number: BIO-60-215

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Safretti Cubico XT - brushed stainless steel

Safretti Cubico XT - Brushed Stainless Steel

Price: £2.329
Items number: BIO-60-216

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Safretti Cubico DT bio fireplace

Safretti Cubico DT Bio Fireplace

Price: £2.209
Items number: BIO-60-218

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Bioethanol Marvik Surround

Marvik Surround Bio Fireplace

Price: £1.349
Items number: BIO-60-130

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Milos bio fireplace in white, fossil stone look

Milos White Fossil Stone Surround Bio Fireplace

Price: £1.659
Items number: BIO-60-131

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Atri silver aluminium bio fireplace

Atri Free-Standing Bio Fire - Silver Aluminium

Price: £1.479
Items number: BIO-60-132S

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Bioethanol fireplace in black

Arti Free-Standing Bio Fireplace - Black Aluminium

Price: £1.229
Items number: BIO-60-132B

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Cuneo bio fireplace in fossil stone

Cuneo Free-Standing Table Fireplace in Concrete Look

Price: £919
Items number: BIO-60-133

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Free-standing Bio fireplace Shigo

Shigo White Fossil Stone Free-Standing Bio Fire

Price: £809
Items number: BIO-60-134

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Free-standing bio fire Elipse Z

Elipse Z Ebios Fire

Price: £2.459
Items number: BIO-90-106

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Architecture SL - Ebios Fire

Architecture SL - Ebios Fire

Price: £1.609
Items number: BIO-90-107

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Liberty bioethanol fireplace

Liberty Ebios Fire

Price: £27.469
Items number: BIO-90-111

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Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace

On this page, we have compiled all our freestanding bio ethanol fireplaces for you, so you can quickly find the one that suits you best. On the individual product pages for the respective bioethanol fireplaces, you will find detailed information about the respective articles. If you need help or have any questions about any of the products, we will be happy to help you at any time.

You can find our entire range of modern ethanol fireplaces here!

What exactly is a bioethanol fireplace?

First of all the bioethanol fireplace uses bioethanol - an eco friendly fuel for burning. So it is a ventless fireplace that you can freely use in your home, without any chimney or ventilation. Just make sure you do not install too big of a fireplace in a small room. You can read more about this in our guide section.

The ethanol fireplace is available in many different versions, as you have certainly noticed after a short visit to the website. There are wall-mounted fireplaces, and this ethanol fireplace variant is mounted on the wall and is available in many different designs and colours.

There are also table fireplaces. As the name suggests, these fireplaces are placed on the table. Of course it may be placed elsewhere too; the size and weight of the fireplace has given it its name.

Another major fireplace variant (which will be the subject of this article) is the freestanding bioethanol fireplace. This fireplace variant is characterised by high product variety and flexibility. The fireplace is available in many different shapes, colours, and materials.

The range of applications is also very variable depending on size, shape, and colour. The price is usually determined by the size of the fireplace - here, the larger the more expensive.

The fireplace owes its name "freestanding fireplace" to the fact that it can be placed on the floor and in almost 100% of cases has been designed for this purpose. The bioethanol fire is available in both columns and box shapes. Here, as with any other fireplaces, the taste should be the decisive factor.

These modern bioethanol fireplaces can also be used outdoor if wanted. Just make sure that it is protected against wind and rain. So if not it is possible to take it inside after use, then a protection cover will be a good idea.

The Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace for Outdoor Use

Like many other models, a freestanding bio ethanol fireplace can also be used outdoors. We will explain the best ideas and how you can get the most out of your fireplace. A bioethanol fire can stand outside without any problems. There are only a few things to pay attention to that you normally do not pay much attention to indoors.

The first thing to think about is whether it should be a small or large free-standing fireplace. The model decides on the intended use and the effort required to put a free-standing fireplace into operation. In general, the general rule for all models is that the larger the bio fireplace is, the greater the expenditure. If you decide on a large bio-fireplace, it is important to be clear about a few things. A large free-standing fireplace or a large burner takes up a correspondingly large amount of space and requires a windless place. We therefore generally recommend that larger fireplaces are used on the terrace and not in the garden.

In the garden, wind and weather will reduce the lifetime and also the beautiful appearance of the fireplace. This can, of course, be counteracted with a wall that serves as wind protection, dismantling the fireplace when it is no longer needed, or covering the fireplace with a water- and windproof tarpaulin.

All these would be feasible ways of protecting the fireplace, but our clear recommendation is to operate the bio fireplace on the terrace; here the freestanding bio ethanol fireplace model is safe from rain, wind, and bad weather.

With smaller freestanding fireplaces or a table fire, things are a little different. Here, just as with the indoor operation of an ethanol fireplace, relatively little attention must be paid. This way you can easily extend the warm summer evenings in the garden with a small table fire. It is important that you dry the fireplace after use, as wind and water will otherwise damage a bio fireplace in the long run.

If you should have forgotten your ethanol fireplace outside, this is not at all bad. Below, we will explain how to clean your ethanol fireplace best.

The Freestanding Fireplace as an Eye-Catcher

In our webshop, you will find a large selection of high-quality ventless, smoke, and soot free fireplaces for your home. As a webshop we have a long experience in selling and distributing bio-fireplaces, so we know exactly what our customers want and what is important. For example, many hotels and restaurants use large organic freestanding fireplaces as eye-catchers for their guests. It is just as easy for you to enchant your guests and friends with a large organic free-standing fireplace from our range.

Check your Bio Ethanol Fireplace Before Using It

We believe in the importance of smooth and fast shipping. It is important to us that your bio ethanol fireplace reach you quickly and safely. Nevertheless, it can (in the very unlikely event) happen that something gets damaged during shipping. This is, of course, not at all desirable but can unfortunately happen. It is therefore advisable to check the bio fireplace before using it to make sure that every part of the fireplace is intact and in good working order. A bioethanol fireplace usually consists of one to maximum three parts.

So you can see that our fireplaces with tested safety from the technical monitoring association are a safe affair and you do not have to worry. But you must not forget that with an ethanol fireplace you are still dealing with real fire and a real flame. Common sense should, therefore, be the most important companion when dealing with a bioethanol fireplace.

The Fireplace in Different Sizes

The ethanol fireplace is available in several versions. A very popular is te mix of stainless steel and black. For example, the material of the ethanol fireplace is stainless steel and any decorations of the fireplace are in black.

But not only the material and the design is variable for the freestanding fireplaces. The size is also different. So the selection of available articles ranges from very small to very large.

A very large fireplace can e.g., easily be used as a room divider. Some of the available items are so large that they can easily divide an entire room into two - a cheap alternative to building a wall.

Furthermore, a large fireplace can also be recessed. For example, when rebuilding, building a new house, or simply redecorating, a recess can be made in the wall into which a bioethanol fireplace would easily fit.

We have different options for freestanding fireplaces, which are 1-sided, 2-sided, or 3-sided – so you can enjoy the flames from different angels. However, we also have some electric fireplaces that are 3-sided.

A Tabletop Fireplace? Yes, That's Right!

There are many different variants of ethanol fireplaces within various categories. And this includes a tabletop fireplace as well!

A brand-new invention when it comes to ethanol fireplaces or free-standing fireplaces is furniture. Yes, that's right, furniture. Ethanol fires are now available as integrated furniture. One we think as a very practical and beautiful variant of this is the bio ethanol fire table top. It is perfect for outdoor use and looks great at the same time.

Here we took a practical piece of furniture and integrated a beautiful piece of decoration. The glass top of the table, which also serves as a wall for the fireplace allows a view into the ethanol fireplace from above. It looks great when you sit at the table and look down into your own fireplace from above. 

But this type of ethanol fireplace should not be confused with a traditional fireplace on the table. A regular model is called that because it is so small and light that it can stand on a table. This fireplace, on the other hand, gets its name because it looks like the furniture.

However, it is important to note that not all accessories will fit into this fancy ethanol fireplace. Although smaller ceramic stones can be placed inside the fireplace, larger accessories or decorative pieces usually do not find room in this fireplace, as it is not deep enough. You should, therefore, be aware of this if accessories are important to you.

Although the fireplace is very large, shipping is, of course, free for you. This applies to all ethanol fireplaces in our bioethanol fireplace shop with a value of goods of over £100. Quite right - from a value of goods of £100 the shipping costs are free of charge.

How Safe is a Bioethanol Freestanding Fireplace?

To take away your fear, we can tell you that our bioethanol freestanding fireplaces are very safe. In order for our ethanol fireplace to be allowed to go on sale, it must first undergo a rigorous inspection by the Technical Inspection Association.

Bioethanol Fireplace - Only with Common Sense

But be careful, this is not a free ticket to do what you want with the fireplace. Common sense should and must nevertheless be maintained and used when operating one of our fireplaces.

For example, we recommend never to have a free-standing fireplace on a slippery surface or carpet. Because the weight of the bio fireplace varies depending on the design and colour. For example, an ethanol fireplace with a low weight which stands on a carpet, can, in the worst case, tip over when the carpet is moved. Of course, this should be avoided, especially when the fireplace is on and flames are burning inside.

In addition, a certain minimum distance to flammable materials and objects should always be maintained. So the respective fireplace should keep a distance of at least one meter to the nearest curtain in your home.

All other flammable things, such as a container of bio ethanol fuel, should also not be within a 1-meter radius of the fireplace, as otherwise there is a risk of ignition and fire.

Children and pets should never be left unattended or alone when a bioethanol fire is in operation. Pets and small children often do not realise the danger of touching the flame. They should therefore not be left unattended near a fireplace. This applies not only to a freestanding fireplace but to any form of bio fireplace.

Freestanding Fireplaces - Flexible and Space Saving

One of the many advantages of a bioethanol freestanding fireplace is that it does not require a chimney, vent or electric supply– therefore it does not have to be permanently installed and can be moved at any time. Since most of the fireplaces in our range weigh relatively little, the changeover can in most cases be done by one person alone. This means that you are always flexible with an upright fireplace, because it can be pulled out when necessary and stowed away just as easily when not in use. This makes a free-standing fireplace a suitable source of warmth and comfort even in places where space is limited.

Of course, you can also decide to mount your freestanding fireplace permanently. Since an upright fireplace does not get warm in itself, there is no danger to the floor or the surroundings in any other way. It is therefore ideally suited for almost any surface.

Some bio fires can be electrically controlled, these are called automatic fireplaces and can be controlled with a remote control. You can also find these fireplaces on our webshop.

The only thing you need for a bioethanol fireplace is the bioethanol fuel.

Clean the Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplace Properly

If you should have forgotten your small freestanding bioethanol fireplace after a nice evening outside in the garden or your indoor bio fireplace could finally use a cleaning, then we have the solution for you! Most ethanol fireplaces, whether for the table, wall, in silver or in black, are made of premium stainless steel of the best quality. As the name suggests, this is a great metal that does not corrode. But this does not automatically mean that the material does not get dirty or discoloured.

If the small ethanol table fireplace has been forgotten outside, this usually does not matter. Cleaning should be very easy. We recommend that you first use a small hand brush/hand brush with soft bristles to remove the coarse dirt. This is important, as otherwise sand and dirt could scratch the stainless steel during the further course of the cleaning.

Afterward, a soft cloth should be used. This is used to wipe the bio fireplace dry. Then you can wet the cloth and wipe it again. If the dirt should be a little more persistent, you can also use a mild soap. You can find this soap in our webshop if you do not have any at hand. The delivery of the soap is, of course, as soon as possible.

After the fireplace has been wiped with the wet cloth, it can be wiped over again with a dry cloth to embellish it. This removes any streaks and lets the fireplace shine in all its glory.

The discolouration is not so easy to remove but should improve noticeably after several wipes with the cloth. But do not worry, you will not experience soiling with a bioethanol fireplace as you would with a wood fireplace/stove.

It is also important to mention that you should not use any chemicals whatsoever, except for mild soap, when cleaning your fireplace. Most cleansers are not designed for cleaning ethanol fireplaces and could, therefore, cause unpleasant side effects. If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

TÜV-Certified Safety

Here, every ethanol fireplace, no matter whether it is a freestanding, table, or hanging fireplace is put through the phases of the safety test. Tough tests are carried out during which the safety mechanisms of each fireplace are thoroughly tested.

The material of each fireplace is also tested. For example, bioethanol fires made of stainless steel are tested for heat resistance. Every material has a certain temperature that it must be able to withstand without any problems - including stainless steel.

The colour of the fireplace is also tested. An ethanol fireplace in black must be able to retain its colour for as long as possible without flaking.

Only when each bioethanol fire has passed this test does the fireplace and the respective design receive the TÜV-certification. This TÜV-certification can be viewed on our homepage. All other possible EU-regulations and certificates can also be viewed on this page.

The Price Guarantee When Shopping in our Webshop

Maybe you know what a price guarantee is. For all those who do not know what this is and how we have implemented it in our bioethanol fireplace shop, we have written this small section.

A price guarantee simply means that you will be given the lowest price on every offer. So if we have an article or offer on our webshop that you have found cheaper elsewhere online, we will of course match the found price - we will offer you the same price as our competitors.

A small example:

You find a great Milano- or Ruby-Ethanol fireplace online (Ruby and Milano are certain versions of popular ethanol fireplaces). This should be available in our online shop for approximately £139.

After thorough research, you will find the same fireplace in another webshop for £129. You can contact us and inform us about your find. After a short examination, we will offer you the same price of £129. This is valid for the brands we carry in our assortment.

To Sum it All Up...

  • Freestanding bio fireplaces can be used outdoors
  • Comes in many modern designs
  • Ventless bio fireplace
  • Do not need any electric supply
  • Uses the biofuel: Bioethanol
  • Realistic flame
  • Easy to move to another place in your home

We, at, are very keen to offer our customers the best possible feeling and experience. Therefore we pay attention to all the details of our products and our webshop to make them as perfect as possible.

Transparency is very important to us. Therefore you have the possibility to view our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy at any time. Our warehouse is not accessible to the public for security reasons. However, should you be in the vicinity or wish to inspect a product before buying it, our specially designed showroom is available for this purpose. Here, our staff will be happy to demonstrate our products and goods to you. Such a visit is only possible by arrangement. You can find more details in our FAQ.

If you are a B2B customer you can sign up to our formula and get an account with some trade discounts.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact channels. Our staff will be able to give you expert advice and explain everything about our products.

We wish you a lot of fun while browsing!