Liquid oil Fragrance for use with bioethanol burners to create an inviting lavender scent in your home.

Fragrance for bioethanol (Lavender)

Item number: BIO325

Enjoy a relaxing odour of lavender when your bioethanol fire is ignited




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Lavender fragrance cubes for bioethanol

Bioethanol can produce a slight odor - especially if it is not purchased in a high quality. No matter what, this is a great solution that gives a fresh scent during the usage of the bio fireplace. These fragrances provide the fastest and most effective way to fill the room with your favorite scent.

How to use the fragrance for bioethanol:

Break one or two pieces of the cubes. Place the following at the top of the burner next to the flame. These pieces should therefore not directly drop into your bioethanol. A cube with fragrance can be used until it no longer produces any fragrance. It is possible to combine two different fragrances if you want a special unique fragrance. Each dice has a burning time of approx. 30 hours. The package contains eight dice with scent for bio fireplace, which means that in principle there are 240 hours of burning time in one package.



    Weight: 8 grams per. cube

    Burn time: 30 hours per day/cube

    Package Content: 8 pcs.

    Scent: Lavender
Fragrances is not recommended to be used in most automatic fireplaces. Please contact your ethanol fireplace manufacturer if in doubt.