10 pack of Liquid oil Fragrance for use with bioethanol burners,  creates  inviting scents in your home.

Fragrance for bio fireplace - 10-pack

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Pack with 10 different fragrances for use in bioethanol fireplaces.




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Pack of ten 10ml liquid fragrances for bioethanol.

Pack with 10 bottles of scented perfume for decorative fires burning on bioethanol, gel or lamp oil.

The perfume is added to the bioethanol before igniting the bio fireplace. It is recommended to use 5-6 drops of perfume per 500 ml. of bioethanol. If you want a more intense fragrance, the amount of perfume can be increased.

NOTE: In case of contact with skin, wash immediately with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse it under water for several minutes.

The perfume oil composition is prepared in accordance with cosmetics regulation, EU directives and IFRA recommendations.

Fragrance oils is not recommended to be used in most automatic fireplaces. Please contact your ethanol fireplace manufacturer if in doubt.