Forma 1500 Three-sided

Forma 1500 Three-sided


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Forma 1500 Three-sided

Forma 1500 Three-sided is Planika Fire's latest hit from 2020. It has been introduced as a completely unique built-in bio fireplace in the dimensions H: 50,8 x B: 152,4 x D: 40,6 cm, which makes the installation a breeze. This fireplace is equipped as standard with a Fire Line Automatic 3 (FLA3), which can accommodate 6,8 litres. This quantity of litres ensures a long burning time. Forma 1500 Three-sided have 11 hours burntime, and when the fireplace is running at maximum heat output, it emits 9,4 kW per hour.

This three-sided Forma fireplace insert is open on three sides. Typically, it is installed up against a wall where the flame can be seen from three angles. This built-in fireplace is often seen installed under a TV.
The Forma 1500 3-sided is also available with FLA 3+, which has even more than 11 hours burntime.

Notable features of Forma 1500:
  • Controlled via remote control, app, a smart home system, or directly on display.
  • Can, due to a special Forma technology, be built into construction with combustible material.
  • Deflection ensures you can safely cover flammable to the dimensions H: 50,8 x B: 152,4 x D: 40,6 cm
  • 6,8 litres of bioethanol gives 9,4 kW
The entire Planika Forma series has passed tests that ensure that they are certified with UL standards and O-TL. Therefore, you get Forma 1500 in the best quality and the most demanding security requirements.