Foco Three 1000 - 3-sided bioethanol fireplace

Foco Three 1000

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Item number: BIO-30-114

Foco Three 1000 is a 3-sided built-in bioethanol fireplace, designed to be built into a wall where you will be able to see the flames from three different sides. Choose between manual or automatic burner.



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Foco Three 1000 - 3-sided built-in bio fireplace

Foco Three 1000 is a bioethanol fireplace in our own range of cheap high quality built-in fireplaces. Foco Three has three open sides; left, front and right. Which makes this fireplace ideal to be built into a protruding wall, on which, for example, a TV can be mounted. However, the applications are plenty and only your imagination set the limit.

Bioethanol Burner

It's possible to choose between 4 different bioethanol burners for Foco Three 1000:

  • Superior manual 800 - up to 6.5 hours of burning time per filling
  • Automatic firebox 700 - up to 15 hours burning time per filling
  • Planika PrimeFire 700 - up to 7 hours burning time per filling
  • Fire Line Automatic 3 - up to 10 hours of burning time per filling
  • Fire Line Automatic 3XL - up to 32 hours burning time per filling


Foco Three is made of 4 mm thick stainless steel, which has been powder coated black. This gives the bioethanol fireplace a neutral and timeless design that lets the flames be in focus.

Furthermore, tempered glass is included, which is mounted around the flame. In addition to looking great, the glass shields the flames from draft and small gusts of wind, which helps to provide a more stable flame. However, it is possible to choose not to mount the glass if desired.

Included in the package

  • Bioethanol burner (Manual or Automatic)
  • Foco Three frame in three parts
  • Screws and nuts to assemble the frame
  • 3x tempered glass (height 10 cm)
  • 6x glass holders

Installation of Foco Three 1000

The installation of Foco Three is relatively easy if you have a little technical skill and do not require any special certification. You can, therefore, carry out the installation yourself.

If you build the fireplace into a flammable wall, you should heat-insulate between the fireplace and the wall. For this, we recommend heat-insulating plates such as Skamotec Fire Boards, fermacell or fire plaster.