36 cm tall bio ethanol burner with a black frame. Burning time of up to 6 hours

Fire grate - 36 cm

Item number: BIO-20-264

This bioethanol fireplace with a width of 36 cm consists of a burner and a low case around it.




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Small bioethanol burner in a ridged, black frame

Unique, modern and stylish bioethanol fireplace that is made in a free-standing design but can also be placed in an old fireplace. With its black contrast, the beautiful flames are highlighted and appear stronger. With its timeless look, the fireplace easily falls into the surroundings. Smoke and soot are normal for the classic, old fireplace but it is not produced by a bio fireplace so cleaning and maintenance are a child's play. 

  • 1,5 L burner included 
  • Burning time up to 6 hours per filling 
  • Extinguishing tool included 
  • Electricity not required 
  • Easy and fast to assemble 

This model is also available in a larger, 94 cm version