outer frame for Foco 1000 bio fireplaces

Exterior Frame for Foco 1000


Item number: BIO-30-192

The outer frame is a built-on for Foco 1000 bio fireplaces. It creates a frame around the wall-inserted fire, and covers all imperfections.

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Exterior frame for Foco One 1000 and Foco Two 1000 bio fires

The exterior frame is mounted on the Foco 1000 frame and provides a frame around the built-in fireplace.

If you build your Foco One or Foco Two bio fireplace into an existing wall, it can be difficult to create a perfect finish around the frame. With this exterior frame, you can easily hide all imperfections.

The exterior frame is made from the same steel and with the same powder coating as the Foco insert frame. The outer frame itself has a width of 5 cm all the way around and has a thickness of 4 mm.

Mounting of the outer frame

Assembly requires the following tools:

  • Drill
  • Metal Drill


  1. Remove the safety glass and glass holders from the built-in frame
  2. Slide the exterior frame into the built-in frame.
  3. The mounting holes in the bottom of the outer frame and the inner frame should now fit together.
  4. Attach the glass holders through both the exterior and the built-in frame.
  5. At the top of the inner frame, drill two holes that match the holes in the exterior frame.
  6. Now screw the outer frame through the holes drilled in the inner frame and also in the wall.

This exterior frame fits these Foco models:

  • Foco One 1000 Slim
  • Foco Two 1000 Slim
  • Foco One 1000 Ultra Slim
  • Foco Two 1000 Ultra Slim
  • Foco One 1000
  • Foco Two 1000