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British electric fireplaces of the highest quality and with the most advanced technology. Evonic fires is an award-winning electric fireplace manufacturer with their headquaters outside Stratford-upon-Avon. They produce the industry's most intelligent electric fireplaces.

The electrical fireplaces are fully integrated as an App that can be downloaded for Apple in App-store and for Android in Google Play.

A characteristic of Evonic electric fireplaces is that they produce flame images using energy-saving LED. This award-winning LED-effect is called a evoflame and is integrated into most of the electric fireplaces.

An Evonic fires electric fireplace is operated by various operating systems. For example they come with a e-touch controller which can be used in case you don't want to control it over your smartphone or tablet. You can then adjust the flame with your remote or phone, turn off/on the heat and regulate the temperature. It is also possible to set the unit with a 7-day timer function.

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Evonic Fires Electric Fireplace

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Evonic Fires E-series

The E Series is Evonic Fire's award-winning modern portfolio of built-in electric fireplaces. These are equipped with the smart and latest LED technology. The products are simple in their design, allowing the user to freely create and design individual project solutions. The fireplaces are electric, which means that the architect, interior designer or end user himself is not restricted in terms of implementation in the home - they can be built into any wall. 

Sizes range from 50 to 180 cm, and are available as either a two-sided or three-sided built-in glass fireplace. Evonic Fires has many solutions to meet virtually every need. 

Evonic Suites

The Evonic Fires Suites series offers a complete design collection of fireplaces in beautiful designs. These fireplaces are delivered as finished constructions, which either needs to be mounted on the wall or inserted into an opening. 

Evonic Insert

This series is a series which is designed to be inserted into an existing fireplace which is designed to be converted to an electric fireplace. It is possible to build classic fireplaces using these electric fireplace inserts. 

Evonic Stove

This Econic Fires series of electric fireplaces includes fireplaces in a more classic style and design. These fireplaces are inspired by the romantic traditional stove look.