Freestanding  bio fireplace in white with a 2,5 L burner that can provide up to 7,5 h of burning.

Classic White Floor Biofireplace

Item number: BIO-20-215

Classic white floor bioethanol fireplace. Equipped with a 2,5 L burner. Burns up to 7,5 hours per refill.

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White, big, free standing fireplace with a fence

Square free standing bio fireplace in white. This elegant and graceful bio fire with a wide frame will naturally fall into the modern home. The design was inspired by the classic, old-fashioned fireplace with a beautiful balance of the modern. As the fireplace is black inside, the flames appear stronger and seem deeper.

The fireplace will not lose its beautiful white colour, as bio fireplace does not produce any smoke or soot. Cleaning and maintenance is also a child's play. 

  • Safety fence included
  • 2,5 L burner included 
  • Extinguishing tool 
  • No electricity required
  • Easy and quick to install

You can also add some of our bio accessories to make your bio fireplace even cosier.