Circular tabletop fireplace wit glass panels on the sides. Easy to move at only 5 kg.

Circular Bioethanol Table Fireplace

Item number: BIO-20-235

Stylish table biofireplace that gives a fantastic flame. Made almost exclusively of glass, this fireplace looks amazing.

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Steel table biofireplace with round glass tiles

Small and stylish table bio fireplace that gives a fantastic flame. This bio fireplace is ideal if you want that fireplace atmosphere, but do not really want to reserve a rather large space for a floor or wall-mounted fireplace. The minimalistic design makes this table bio fireplace able for fit into a lot of different décors and homes.


  • 2 pcs of glass tiles included 
  • 1 L burner included 
  • Up to 5 burning hours per filling
  • Screws for mounting included
  • Extinguishing tool included 

You can also add some of our liquid fragrances to make your bio fire spread your favorite scent all over the room.