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Baseplate Bioethanol Burner

It is possible for you to construct your own bioethanol fireplace with a baseplate, in which there is a sunken bioethanol combustion chamber. This base is ideal if, for example, you want a half wall where the bioethanol fireplace is at the top. This is often seen if there is a floating wall above. 

Our basic models comes in different sizes as well as designs from multiple manufacturers. You often have the opportunity to add your own touch to the wall while saving money at the same time, compared to purchasing a complete fireplace insert. 

If you choose our higher price range all the way up to the High End burners, it is possible to choose automatic burners, which can be switched on and off with a remote control, and at the same time have a large range of different built-in safety sensors. Automatic burners needs connection to a power outlet or direct electricity and can, therefore, in some instances not be a possible solution.

Virtually all our baseplates can be produced according to requested measurements, so please contact our customer service if the width of your wall does not fit any of our standard models. 

You can see our full product range of built-in fireplaces here:

4 sided burner

Products - Bioethanol Burner In Baseplate

Type of burner
Foco Four 800 - 4-sided bio fireplace

Foco Four 800

Price: £899
Items number: BIO-30-116

More information

Foco Four 1000 - 4-sided bio fireplace

Foco Four 1000

Price: £999
Items number: BIO-30-117

More information

Foco Four 1200 - 4-sided bio fireplace

Foco Four 1200

Price: £1.149
Items number: BIO-30-118

More information

Foco Free 800 - The perfect DIY bio fireplace

Foco Free 800

Price: £899
Items number: BIO-30-125

More information

Foco Free 1000 - The perfect DIY bio fireplace

Foco Free 1000

Price: £999
Items number: BIO-30-126

More information

Foco Free 1200 - The perfect DIY bioethanol fireplace

Foco Free 1200

Price: £1.149
Items number: BIO-30-127

More information

Build your own Bioethanol Fireplace with a Bioethanol Baseplate

You can, by filling bioethanol into your burner, create your own fireplace at home. This is applicable whether you live in a house or apartment or whether it will be used outside. Many take advantage of a combustion chamber in an old fireplace which, for different reasons, can no longer be used due to a closed extraction device. This way an old fireplace can be used again and, if desired, be decorated with artificial wood for bioethanol fireplaces.

Bioethanol is Passionate About DIY Projects

Do-it-yourselfers set out to construct an bioethanol fireplace on their own. In such cases, you have to, at minimum, use a bioethanol burner. Our products are typically available in different lengths, capacities (litres), and colours, and some are made for either indoor or outdoor use. This information is, as a starting point, stated in the description of our products. If any information is missing, however, please contact us.

We can inform you about anything concerning the installation of fireplaces, but also in relation to specifications of the products. Often a given measure can be relevant - for example, the depth, height, or width of the bottom of the burner - or the top for that matter. It can also be the number of litres, in order to calculate how much a complete refill costs. Should you have any questions regarding the fireplace or accessories, feel free to contact our customer service either by email, phone, on Facebook, or live-chat. 

Automatic or Manual

These are two very different products while being rather similar at the same time. Are you unsure about which one to choose? If you care about safety, comfort, and have an unlimited budget, there is no doubt - choose the automatic solution

Are you, on the other hand, looking for a cheap bioethanol fireplace at a reasonable price? Then it makes sense to choose the manual version. You can purchase such burners for around £89. You will then receive a stainless steel built-in fireplace that can be mounted into the wall. You always have to ensure that the framing is in a fire safe environment because of the real flame. This is always a good idea when working with fireplaces in general, as they typically emit some sort of warmth. 

You can read more about the difference between automatic and manual in the guide section at the top of the page. 

Bring New Life Into Your Old Fireplace

Do you have an old fireplace which is no longer in use because of a closed extraction device or demolished chimney, but still miss the cosiness and warmth of an open fire? Then, with the help of a combustion chamber and decorative wood, it is possible to easily transform your old fireplace into a modern bioethanol fireplace, which does not produce smoke and soot and, therefore, does not require a functional chimney. Here, we provide you with a guide which explains how you should approach this as well as what you should use: How to turn a traditional fireplace to a bio fireplace. Find the article amongst our guides

If you are looking to make the fireplace experience even more authentic, you can look at our accessories page, where you can find fireplace decoration, bioethanol fragrance, as well as fireplace equipment, which makes having a bioethanol fireplace much easier. Many choose to decorate with ceramic wood as well as adding glowing flame fibres to create a more realistic effect. 

On some occasions the freestanding burners will have a shorter burning timespan than specified, because they will often be exposed to a draught from an existing chimney. This is often the case for bioethanol fireplaces because they are open and the flame is susceptible. 

Furthermore, this can be the case for wall-hung bioethanol fireplaces, if there is a draught from two open windows. However, this is not the same as with an old existing fireplace, as bioethanol fireplaces do not need a flue or a chimney. While it is becoming increasingly popular to convert traditional fireplaces into bioethanol fireplaces, equally many choose to construct their own fireplace from scratch. 

What do you need for a DIY project

Are you thinking about constructing your own bioethanol fireplace? We have a list of the most common things you need to purchase: