Bioethanol Fireplace Inserts

Bioethanol Fireplace Inserts

Ethanol built-in fireplaces & fireplace inserts

Bioethanol built-in fireplaces are the perfect alternative to the classic fireplace stoves. No matter whether you want to give your old fireplace a new life with a closed fireplace or whether you want a chimney-free fireplace enjoyment on the roof, our fireplace inserts are the best choice.

Many customers are put off by a built-in fireplace because they think that such an ethanol fireplace insert is very difficult and complicated to install and mount. This must be, but not so! Most of our bioethanol built-in fireplaces and fireplace inserts are delivered to you already completely assembled. All you have to do is find a suitable place in your home.

Here we explain what you need to know about your new dream fireplace! You will find our entire selection of bio-ethanol fireplaces on our homepage. You can easily reach it by clicking on our logo at the top of this page or by going directly to

Products - All built-in bioethanol fireplace inserts

12.4L automatic bioethanol burner using inventive technology for easy and safe usage. Perfect for DIY projects

Automatic remote controlled burner 122 cm Item number: BIO335

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Price £ 2.799,00

15.7L automatic bioethanol burner using inventive technology for easy and safe usage. Perfect for DIY projects

Automatic remote controlled burner 152 cm Item number: BIO336

- Stock amount |


Price 4.199,00 Now £ 3.499,00

19L automatic bioethanol burner using inventive technology for easy and safe usage. Perfect for DIY projects

Automatic remote controlled burner 182 cm Item number: BIO337

- Stock amount |


Price 4.999,00 Now £ 3.999,00

21L automatic bioethanol burner using inventive technology for easy and safe usage. Perfect for DIY projects

Automatic remote controlled burner 210 cm Item number: BIO338

- Stock amount |


Price £ 4.499,00

Round stainless steel bioethanol burner with a 300 ml capacity. Perfect for DIY bio fireplace projects.

Round 0,3 Litres Bioethanol Burner (Ø: 7,8 cm) Item number: BIO342

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Price 19,00 Now £ 15,00

Round stainless steel bioethanol burner with 1,0 litre capacity. Perfect for DIY bio fireplace builds.

Round 1,0 Litres Bioethanol Burner (Ø: 15 cm) Item number: BIO343

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Price 65,00 Now £ 39,00

Round stainless steel bioethanol burner with a capacity of 2,5. Perfect for DIY bio fireplace projects.

Round 2,5 Litres Bioethanol Burner (Ø: 19 cm) Item number: BIO330

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Price 129,00 Now £ 99,00

Round stainless steel bioethanol burner with a capacity of 5. Perfect for DIY bio fireplace projects

Round 5 Litres Bioethanol Burner (Ø: 26 cm) Item number: BIO331

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Price 169,00 Now £ 149,00

Square ethanol burner 50 cm

Square automatic remote controlled burner 50 cm Item number: BIO359

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Price £ 2.799,00

Xaralyn Ceramics Burner 4114B (40,9cm)

Xaralyn Ceramic Burner 4114B (40,9cm) Item number: BIO-60-101

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Price £ 599,00

4114BL Ceramic burner from Xaralyn (42,9 cm wide)

Xaralyn Ceramic Burner 4114LB (42,9 cm) Item number: BIO-60-102

- Stock amount |


Price £ 599,00

Black ceramic burner from Xaralyn (57,6cm wide)

Xaralyn Ceramic Burner 5820B (57,6 cm) Item number: BIO-60-103

- Stock amount |


Price £ 699,00

Black ceramic burner from Xaralyn (59,8cm wide)

Xaralyn Ceramic Burner 5820LB (59,8 cm) Item number: BIO-60-105

- Stock amount |


Price £ 699,00

Steel ceramic burner from Xaralyn (82,1cm wide)

Xaralyn Ceramic Burner 8014LS (82.1 cm) Item number: BIO-60-104

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Price £ 999,00

Bioethanol fireplace – All set and ready!

There are two very popular variants of the ethanol built-in fireplace. One is relatively easy to install and the other requires a little know-how and expertise. So let us start with the first category.

Built-in ethanol fireplaces with frame

The first category, and therefore the one that is easiest to install, is the framed chamber. Here the entire burner is already finished and only needs to be inserted into the wall. This means for you that only one hole for the burner has to be made in the wall. Of course, you have to take the measurements of the ethanol fireplace to make the hole the right size.

There are ethanol built-in fireplaces with the corresponding edging in many different versions and in different designs. For example, there are fireplaces with a closed or open rear wall. Ethanol fireplaces with an open back wall and frame are often used as room dividers, but they do not completely seal off the room. This is a variant that many of our customers prefer. You pull up a wall but find that it divides the room too much then you originally wanted. Here, the bio-ethanol fireplace inserts with an open back wall are the perfect solution, as it reopens the room in a certain way.

Then, of course, there are bio-ethanol fireplaces with a closed back wall. These are used less often as room dividers, but could, in theory, be used for this purpose. The reason why many prefer an open bioethanol burner for this is that it does not close the space too much. But let us come back to the topic. The built-in fireplace with closed back is often used as an ethanol fireplace, which is simply installed with the back to the wall. In this way, it can be perfectly integrated into the wall without being disturbing. If this has been done correctly, the end result will look really noble and breathtaking.

Bioethanol built-in fireplaces are available in many designs and colors. The material of which the ethanol fireplace is made is usually stainless steel or aluminum. Both stainless steel and aluminum are relatively light and at the same time very robust. In 2020 the colors black, silver and grey will be very popular. This applies not only to the ethanol burner but also to all models.

Glass applications are often used to give the fireplace the finishing touch or a great decoration. Glass is also a great material that protects the fireplace from dirt and grime and at the same time does not impair the view inside.

An average ethanol fireplace inserts with frame costs between 270 £ and 1.550 £. The costs here are made up of material and size.

Built-in fireplaces as DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project

As just mentioned, there are not one, but two very popular variants. The first one is the variant with a closed back wall. We will now discuss the second variant.

If you have ever dreamed of creating, designing and building your very own bioethanol fireplace, then this is the perfect way to do it - and you will save money.

Frameless bioethanol built-in fireplaces

In the first section, we mentioned the bioethanol built-in fireplaces with their frames. But there are also built-in fireplaces without this framing. If you choose this, you will, if you like, only get the actual burner. This is like any other burner and is usually made of aluminum or stainless steel.

The fire article can, of course, be easily put down and used like this. Many of our customers do this and are very satisfied with it. But what many of them don't know is that the burner can also be installed very easily.

There are several possibilities for this. A popular way to get the cozy atmosphere of a fireplace in your house is to make a built-in fireplace in an already existing wall. To do this, the dimensions of the fireplace are taken and a recess is made according to these dimensions. This requires approximately the same effort as a built-in fireplace with a frame.

However, to become really creative and to design a really unique piece, you have to put a little more effort into it – but it is worth it.

Now you can really let off steam. You can design and create everything around the burner yourself. The thickness of the walls up to the depth of the actual fireplace. Everything is in your hands and you can, do what you want. You should, of course, still pay attention to a few safety aspects such as possible safety measurements and distances, which can be found in the instructions for use or assembly of the respective fire chamber.

The fact that you can be so creative here should not be taken for granted. Many other products from other manufacturers are not suitable or designed for such do-it-yourself projects. Of course, you have to get more information about this from the individual producer.

Here you can also see a big advantage of the ethanol fireplace in contrast to other decorative stoves. A gas fireplace or electric fireplace would have to be removed in a completely different way and also installed by experts. Connecting a gas pipe to a gas fireplace, for example, must not be done by a layman. This is, of course, a good thing, but nevertheless, it can be seen that a bioethanol fireplace offers more freedom than many other fireplace variants.

Automatic burner

The really latest technology in ethanol fireplaces is the so-called automatic burner. What exactly this is and how best to install them, you will find out here.

An automatic combustion chamber or automatic burner is a variant that no longer requires manual operation. The only thing that still has to be done manually is to fill ethanol into the tank provided. This has a certain capacity depending on the model. Of course, this product also offers the other advantages of a normal ethanol fireplace. The burner is also free of smoke, soot and ashes and no chimney is needed.

But there are also accessories which even make the step of manual filling superfluous. The keyword is a pump. An ethanol pump ensures that the ethanol is pumped directly and automatically from the canister or bottle, directly into the burner.

But what exactly does automatic mean in the context of an automatic burner? Well, automatic here means that everything happens at the push of a button. You either have a remote control or a button on the chamber itself. When that button is pressed, this ethanol fireplace ignites by itself. And the extinguishing? Well, it happens in exactly the same way. You press the button again and the ethanol fireplace turns itself off as if by magic.

Since the product is still relatively new, the design variety is not yet too great. The most popular and most represented design is black and stainless steel. A good and elegant combination as we find. But since this type of ethanol chamber is just starting out, we can be sure that we will see more of them in the next few years.

Safety first!

In addition to the already great technology, which can be switched on and off automatically, the ethanol combustion chambers have many high-tech sensors that provide a further, high level of protection.

One of these sensors, for example, is a so-called tilt sensor. The word "tilt" means "topple over". So this sensor provides tilt protection. So if the burner is tilted too much in a certain direction so that the fuel inside threatens to leak, the opening closes in a flash and nothing can leak out.

Another safety sensor measures the temperature. If contrary to expectations, a too high temperature is generated due to a defect inside the bio-fireplace or the use of the wrong bioethanol and the heat development becomes too great, the burner is automatically extinguished and the danger is eliminated before it can even arise. This is a great safety mechanism!

Also practical is a sensor inside the fireplace, which measures how much fuel is inside the ethanol fireplace. In this way, you can always see how many liters of alcohol are still inside the tank and you know exactly when you need to refill and how long you can manage with the remaining amount.

The really great thing about these combustion chambers and why we think they fit into this category is the fact that they are also very easy to install. You can be even more creative in designing your own fireplace insert and even use an automatic version as a possibility for your very own project.

The only disadvantage of these chambers is that they are still relatively expensive at the moment. The price of an automatic burner ranges from 1.599 £ up to 5.299 £. But we can assure you that you will get something for your money. The shipping of these fireplaces is, of course, free of charge.

Outside in the garden

It seems as if the creative possibilities have no end. Who says that we have to limit ourselves to the indoor areas? Right, nobody!
That's why the garden, the terrace or generally outdoors is a great place to let your creativity and dreams run wild.

Many of our customers may already have a wood or gas fireplace inside and think that a fireplace also fits perfectly outside, and that is exactly what we think.

A very popular DIY project is to raise a wall of for example stone or concrete and then install an ethanol fireplace. Here, too, you can choose whether you prefer an ethanol fireplace insert with a closed or open back. Both is possible and it looks simply great. It is once again only your taste that decides what works and what doesn't work here.

But it does not have to be an extra built wall. You can also rebuild something existing. It is just important that the ethanol fireplace finds a place and is safe and solid.

What is also important is that if the ethanol fireplace is exposed to wind and weather, it can stand safely and protected from the weather when it is not in use. If the fireplace is located in the garden and spreads its great flame and atmosphere here, it is important to have a tarpaulin to cover the bioethanol fireplace. The tarpaulin should, of course, be wind and waterproof, otherwise, the tarpaulin will not fulfill its actual purpose.

An even better way to protect the bio fireplace from the weather is to build your project under a roof. In this way, it is protected all year round and it is not always necessary to cover or uncover it before and after use.

If you have any questions or an idea for a DIY project and would like help or a second opinion, we are of course always at your side and will advise you as best we can.

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