Bioethanol fireplace guides

Get wiser on bioethanol fireplaces and everything regarding having a bioethanol fireplace. In this section, we have combined different guides and articles, which aim is to inform you about our bioethanol fireplaces and how they function. We will continuously be adding new articles and guides. If you are missing any information, which is not described in our guides or articles, dont hesitate to contact our customer service. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Are you new to bioethanol fireplaces? Don't worry, we have made a guide here.

Bioethanol guides

This is how you ignite a bioethanol fireplace
How to ignite a bioethanol fireplace

Learn how you easily ignite your fireplace.

This is how you put out your bioethanol fireplace
How to put out your bioethanol fireplace

Learn how to put out a manual and automatic burner.

Bioethanol fireplace guide - safety distance
Bioethanol fireplace safety distances and fire risks

Learn about safety distances and materials to use.

How to clean your biofireplace
How to clean your biofireplace

Learn how you should clean your biofireplace.

Mounting of bio ethanol fireplace
Find out how to mount the wall bio fireplace

Learn about how to mount and install the wall bio fireplace

Bioethanol fireplace articles

Is a bioethanol fireplace dangerous?
Is a bioethanol fireplace dangerous?

Is a bioethanol fireplace dangerous and how do you avoid accidents? Read more here.

Room size and bioethanol fireplaces
Roomsize and the size of a bioethanol fireplace

Which size should a room be if you install a bioethanol fireplace for it to burn optimally? Find the answer here.

How does a bioethanol fireplace function?
How does a bioethanol fireplace function?

Do you not know what a bioethanol fireplace is or how it functions - read this article. 

White wall mounted bioethanol fireplace
What is a wall-mounted bioethanol fireplace?

Are you unsure what a wall-mounted bioethanol fireplace is and how it functions? Read about it here.

How much does it cost to have a bioethanol fireplace ignited?
How much does it cost to have a bioethanol fireplace ignited?

Are you interested in knowing the cost of having a bioethanol fireplace ignited? Find the answer here.

What is a build-in bioethanol fireplace?
What is a built-in bioethanol fireplace?

Here you find an introduction to built-in bioethanol fireplaces and the different solutions that exist.

Biofire vs electric fire
Bioethanol fire or electric fire?

Are you in doubt whether you should buy a bioethanol fireplace or an electric fireplace? In this article we provide pros and cons regarding both fireplaces.

Bioethanol fire pit table
Bioethanol fire pits

Do you want to know the possibilities of having a bioethanol fire pit? This articles provides information on how you can build your own bioethanol fire pit.

Which bioethanol should I use?
Bioethanol and the safety hereof

Are you unsure which bioethanol you should use or the safety of bioethanol as a combustion fuel? Read this article and learn a thing or two regarding bioethanol.

Bioethanol for biofireplace
Bioethanol for biofireplace

Is bioethanol only a bioethanol, which one to choose for your biofireplace?