Convert fireplace into an environmentally friendly fireplace

Bioethanol burner base for open fireplace - 80 cm

Item number: BIO-20-293

Bioethanol burner in a black box on 80 cm for an open fireplace. It does not require further installation.




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Freestanding bioethanol insert for an existing fireplace

Insert for bioethanol to convert your traditional fireplace into an environmentally friendly bio fireplace. Enjoy the nice flame after a couple of minutes.

This package includes:

  • 85 cm black powder coated steel base
  • 80 cm Superior burner
  • Extinguishing- and flame adjustment tools
  • Manual

Remember: If you place this burner on 850 mm in your existing fireplace, it will need oxygen to burn. This can in some cases be enough with the chimney. Generally we recommend, to remove the stove door, so the bio fire really can be enjoyed. It is possible to mount a safety glass in front of the fireplace. You can find glass for bio fires here.