Bioethanol burner 1,5 liter

Bioethanol burner 1,5 liter - Cocoon Fires

Cocoon Fires

Item number: BIO-70-115

Bioethanol burner from Cocoon Fires' fires. Have you lost or broke you Cocoon Fires' burner? You can replace it with this, new o

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Cocoon Fires' burner 

If you need a new bioethanol burner for Cocoon Fires' bio fire, you can replace the old one with this original burner. This burner is suitable for example for Cocoon Aeris, Pedestal, Terra and Vellum. Cocoon Fires provide great and high flames that burn up to 6 hours. The flame size can be adjusted if needed. A large flame gives shorter burning time and smaller one increases the burning time. 

  • Extinguishing tool included 
  • Burning time up to 6 hours per filling 
  • Easy and fast to assemble 
  • No electricity required

 The burner has been tested at the factory and meets all European safety requirements. 

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