Bio wood stove in 360 degrees

Bio wood stove in white with 360 degrees flameview

Item number: BIO-20-297

Decorative wood stove for bioethanol, where the flame can be seen from all angels

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Bio wood stove with 360 degrees flameview

Exceptional and authentic wood stove with an optimised flameview. The flames can be seen from all angels. The smart construction with the 3 big glassides makes it possible to enjoy the flames from different angels. The glasses makes it more safe to use, if you have some curious pets and children.

This traditional look a like fireplace have integrated an economic burner for bioethanol, which secure a low consumption on only 0,25L pr. hour.

Worth to notice

  • Full flameview
  • Comes in black and white
  • Enclosured with glass
  • Integrated door for refilling the bioethanol
  • Long burn time with a low consumption

Included in the package

  • Bio fireplace
  • 1.5-liter firebox
  • Extinguishing and flame control tools

 This bio fireplace is made for the user, who want to maintain the authentic wood stove-cozy in the home, but on an environmentally friendly and zero maintenance way.

The model is also available in black.