Bioethanol Fireplace Grate

This type of bioethanol combustion chamber, including a frame, has a wide range of applications because it does not need to be installed and is very easy to move. The combustion chamber was designed to give new life to a classic fireplace with a closed chimney. In this way, the old wood fireplace can be easily transformed into a modern and environmentally friendly bioethanol fireplace. All this without any installation.

You will soon find that a bioethanol fireplace is much easier to handle and also cleaner than your old wood fireplace. A bioethanol fireplace does not emit smoke, soot, or other unpleasant substances. Furthermore, bioethanol is very flammable and the fire is lit in just a few seconds. Although this type of fireplace insert cannot be used as a primary heat source, it is a great supplement to an already established heat source. You must, therefore, be aware that this type of fireplace insert does not have the same heat effect as a traditional fireplace.

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Bioethanol Fireplace Grate

Products – Bioethanol Fireplace Grate

Type of burner
Bioethanol fireplace insert for fireplaces

Bioethanol Fireplace Insert Package for Wood Stove and Fireplace

Price: £435
Items number: BIO-KIT-005

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Wood-burning stove ethanol insert

Bioethanol Insert for Open Fireplace

Price: £295
Items number: BIO-20-310

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Opulent, freestanding bio ethanol fire with a ridged frame. Up to 3 hours of flames.

Freestanding bioethanol fire in black steel

Price: £350
Items number: BIO-20-260

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Petite bio ethanol burner with glass panels, offers up to 6 hours of beautiful flames.

Bio fireplace with ridges

Price: £350
Items number: BIO-20-266

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36 cm tall bio ethanol burner with a black frame. Burning time of up to 6 hours

Fire grate - 36 cm

Price: £270
Items number: BIO-20-264

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Bio fireplace burner to place inside a traditional fireplace

Bioethanol burner base for open fireplace - 30 cm

Price: £200
Items number: BIO-20-290

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Convert a fireplace into a bio fire

Bioethanol burner base for open fireplace - 45 cm

Price: £350
Items number: BIO-20-291

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Bio fire insert in an existing fireplace

Bioethanol burner base for open fireplace - 60 cm

Price: £410
Items number: BIO-20-292

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Convert fireplace into an environmentally friendly fireplace

Bioethanol burner base for open fireplace - 80 cm

Price: £525
Items number: BIO-20-293

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Burner to place inside a wood stove

Bioethanol burner base for open fireplace - 100 cm

Price: £645
Items number: BIO-20-294

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Round ethanol burner

Bioethanol burner base for open fireplace - 35 cm

Price: £265
Items number: BIO-20-295

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Grate with 2,5L bioethanol burner and ceramic wood

Grate with 2,5 Litre burner and ceramic wood

Price: £350
Items number: BIO-20-303

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Basket Fire Logs

Basket Fire Logs

Price: £1.520
Items number: BIO-60-061

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