Large stainless steel bio fireplace for the wall mounting with a glass panel. Featuring 3 burners.

Big XL stainless steel biofireplace for the wall

Item number: BIO-10-014

Big XL stainless steel biofireplace for the wall-mounting. Burner size 3x1 liter. Dimensions H: 54 x W: 136 x D: 23 cm.

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Stainless steel, XL sized, wall biofireplace with 3 burners

A big and beautiful biofireplace designed to hang on the wall. It is made of stainless steel with a lovely classic design. The burning flames give a fantastic look to your living room. The flames give a romantic effect in the room and create both warmth and cosiness during a cold evening.

Its delightful and elegant design makes it fit into any house. The burners can contain 1 liter of bioethanol and therefore gives a powerful warmth effect. This model is unbelievably pretty and stylish.

  • Safety glass included
  • 3 x 1 L burner included
  • Screws for mounting
  • Extinguishing tool included
  • Burning time up to 5 hours per filling
  • Electricity not required

This model is also available in a smaller version