Automatic Built-In Bioethanol Fireplaces

Automatic built-in bioethanol fireplaces offers multiple safety sensors, which is not possible to have in their manual fireplace counterpart.

But to function, automatic bioethanol fireplaces needs to be connected to an electric power outlet. Therefore you need to be aware of this factor into your consideration, when planning your automatic ethanol fireplace solution.

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Foco automatic built-in bioethanol fireplace

Products - Automatic Built-in Bioethanol Fireplaces

    Bioethanol fireplace from Planika
    Bioethanol fireplace from Planika

    Forma 1000 Single-Sided

    Price: £5,269
    Items number: BIO-60-FOR-F1000


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    Forma 2700 Right Corner

    Forma 2700 Right Corner

    Price: £18,459
    Items number: BIO-60-FOR-RC2700


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      Built-in bioethanol fireplace inserts

      On this page, you will find automatic bioethanol fireplace inserts for wall mounting, which allows you to control the fireplace through a remote control or via the control panel. By investing in an automatic bioethanol fireplace, you avoid direct contact with the bioethanol fuel as the bioethanol fuel is filled through a pump system, which minimises the risk of spillage or overfilling.

      No bio ethanol fires need a chimney or vent, but it is important that automatic bioethanol fireplaces are connected to electricity.

      Why choose an electric fireplace?

      Safety, comfort, and design - these are three key concepts that can each influence your choice of bioethanol fire. Indeed, these elements are often upgraded compared to the manual mechanical models, which are more standardised.

      Safety first: An automatic, or electric if you will, fireplace for bioethanol will be safer than the manual one, all things considered. This is because the filling is typically done without risks of spillage and overfilling, and starting and stopping is done at a distance from the flame. This is possible because the bioethanol fire is controlled by a remote control that can regulate the flame strength and switching it on and off. Many of the major players on the market have also integrated a wide range of safety sensors to the bio ethanol fires. These include temperature, spillage, fuel level and cooling sensors. Many automatic fireplaces also come with child safety looks, which makes life safer for families with young children, as there is no risk of children lighting the fire themselves.

      In addition to all these safety sensors, there is also a lot more comfort. For example, you do not need to get off the couch to light the fireplace - you can simply do it through your phone or remote control. An electric pump also means you do not have to manually fill the bioethanol fuel through a funnel or pump. The fuel is filled with a fully automatic pump, which Planika, among others, produces for their fireplaces.

      Design your own fireplace

      If you have a specific type of fireplace in mind for you living room, it is also much more likely that an automatic fireplace can be made to your wishes. If you choose to design your own fireplace, you get to decide on the colour, size, and shape or angle.

      The colour can often be adjusted in RAL colours, so it is possible to adapt the fireplace to your room. If it is for a store, for example, it might make sense to have your entire fireplace insert produced in a matching color. As a standard, the fireplaces are typically produced in black or steel, but many choose a unique custom colour for their bioethanol fire.

      The size is often customised in the frame of the fireplace insert itself, as it is typically made of steel or aluminium. There are far more requirements when it comes to installing woodburning stoves - especially due to the required chimney, which also means that these products are more standardised than, for example, the bioethanol fireplace.

      The shop of a, ethanol fireplace can be customised to a certain extent. For example, there are bioethanol fireplaces that round on a corner, which is very unique in the fireplace industry. If you are planning a special project, do not hesitate contacting our customer service. We offer advice concerning everything: outdoor gas fireplaces, electric fireplace, and ethanol fireplaces - just ask! You are also more than welcome to look through our guides.