Automatic biofire to build it in 100 cm

Automatic bio insert - 100 cm

CACH Design

Item number: BIO-30-021B

100 cm wide biofireplace for wall mounting with an automatic burner that can be switched on and off with a remote control.




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Automatic built in fireplace 100 cm

Stylish and admirable design that will wake up the surroundings. This biofire's purpose is to be built into the wall. It is supplied with an automatic burner which will be more secure than the manual ones. It is also supplied with a safety glass therefore it is suitable for families with children. With its elegant appearance and black colour the fireplace is graceful and contemporary. The fire will also appear stronger and deeper as well as the colours will be powerful. Bioethanol fireplaces are easy to maintain and clean since they do not produce any soot or smoke.


  • 1 safety glass
  • Built in frame
  • 2,7 L automatic burner
  • Remote control
  • Screws for assembly

Burning up to 7 hours per filling, electricity required. Available also in a larger version: 150 cm

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