Bioethanol fireplace in black

Arti Free-standing bio fireplace - black aluminium


Item number: BIO-60-132B

Modern and stylish bio fireplace, made to provide warmth.


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Atri free-standing bio fireplace 

Smart, modern bioethanol fireplace of black aluminium, designed to set it free on the floor. On the wide frame, there are cuts in the form of grooves on the outside all around. It gives the fireplace an exclusive and refined look. This bio fireplace is unique and eye-catching in its surroundings. The safety glass protects from the flames. 

  • Safety glasses included 
  • Mounting bracket included 
  • Lighter and refill suit included 
  • 2.5 L ceramic burner included 
  • Ethanol consumption 0,55 L per hour 
  • Easy and fast to install 

This model is also available in silver aluminium.