Curved bio fireplace for table

Arc- Curved bio fireplace for table or floor

Item number: BIO-80-050

Arc is a curved bio fireplace which can be used either on a table or on the floor. Sice: H: 17,1 x W: 71,7 x D: 40 cm.


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Curved bio fireplace for floor or table 

Arc is a curved bio fireplace that can be used both on the floor or on a table. 

Arc, like its little brother Arc Mini, also comes in three different sizes: White, Black or Grey. 

The Arc can be used both inside and outside but since there is no glass on it to cover from the wind, it will be best inside and give the longest burning time in relatively windless weather. 

If the bio fireplace is used outside, you should take it inside or put it in shelter after use. Wind and weather can reduce the life of the bio fire.