Tall, white bio fireplace with black back panel. Maximal burning time of 4 hours.

Ambiance Surround bio fire


Item number: BIO-60-118

Ambiance surround is a large and tall bio ethanol fireplace from Dutch Xaralyn. Stunning design and 4 hours burn time.


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Ambiance, Surround

Xaralyn Ambiance has a modern and sleek design.

The design draws inspiration from the traditional fireplace. On the backside, behind the flame, there is a dark glaspanel, which gives the flames much more depth.

  • Ceramic burner 8014LS included
  • Fully assembled at delivery
  • No electricity required
  • Safety glass included

Xaralyn Ambiance, is also avaliable as a see-through model.

The fireplaces comes already assembled. It is therefore quick and easy to install.